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Home is where the heart is, Miss Moses Lake Roundup and her family

Tucked away in a hillside of orchards and hay in Quincy the Fleming household sits amongst Shannon Flemings many rose gardens, and husband Scott's impressive collection of old Fords. A big front porch on the house is welcoming and inviting, as are … [Read More...]

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It’s clearly a blur

Diving in the pool, she did a few little flutter kicks to position herself in a freestyle crawl toward the finish on the other end of the lane. My (then) five year old daughter was in her first 25 meter race on the swim team. I sat on the bleacher … [Read More...]


mary lou langley_crop_250x250

Never losing sight – Mary Lou Langley

She is sometimes wildly enthusiastic. Using her body language and hands to make a point or tell a story, Mary Lou Langley conveys herself with clear, concise conviction. Her contagious excitement spills over, and it doesn't take long to share her … [Read More...]


JJ Harrison, Rodeo Clown, Don’t be a Bull-y

JJ Harrison grew up in the small town of ­Okanogan ­located in Northern Washington State. It’s no surprise that he landed in his chosen profession. “I have always loved to perform and make people laugh...from the classroom to the arena” Starting a … [Read More...]

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Jessica Blair, Roman & Trick Rider, Old Western Art brought to the Roundup Rodeo

Jessica Blair, of Athens Tennessee, practically grew up on the back of a horse. Raised on her grandfather’s horse and beef cattle farm, Jessica learned at an early age that she wanted horses to be a main stay in her life, however at this time she … [Read More...]


Heather Fleming, Miss Moses Lake Roundup

Rodeo occupies a unique position in modern sports, having developed from a western heritage that is rapidly changing. The sport of rodeo may have started in small towns, but it has spread into a worldwide phenomenon. The rodeo draws in competitors … [Read More...]

FrankDetrolio_IMG_6251 Frank Best one_crop

In honor of Frank Detrolio, Moses Lake Roundup Man of the Year

Frank Detrolio was born and raised in Newark & Bloomfield, New Jersey. Frank joined the United States Air Force when he was just 17, where he was trained as an aircraft crash rescue firefighter. He was then sent to Korea, and finally to Larson … [Read More...]


Miss Rodeo Washington, Audrey Ramsden, Moses Lake

Audrey is the 21 year-old daughter of Scott and Leslie Ramsden. She is proud to have grown up in Moses Lake, a small agricultural ­community, where she was taught the value of a strong work ethic and was encouraged to pursue her passions in all … [Read More...]



Family, Friends, Funnel Cake and Elephant Ears

In a few short weeks the Grant County fairgrounds will be swarming with people as the food booths get stocked, the carnival rides go up, and the sheep and chickens head to their stalls. The Fair has always played a big part in my life, no matter … [Read More...]


Camping with a 12 year old boy

Tri Michel Garrett is 12 years old, my third grandson, my son’s third son…that is how his name “Tri” came about. Tri is also his Daddy’s middle name and he looks and acts a lot like his dad at that age. He agreed to go camping with his Grandma. I was … [Read More...]



Moses Lake – Cares for Kids! Soroptimist hold successful fundraising event

Soroptimist International Moses Lake would like to thank our generous community for supporting their recent fundraiser: Soroptimist Dinner Party. The sold-out event exceeded goals and raised enough funds to support their local programs in 2014 – … [Read More...]


The power of networking

So what exactly is networking?  It is defined as the interaction between people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.  Webster’s defines it as the exchange of information or services among individuals, … [Read More...]



CBTECH has it’s Grand Opening

On July 1st, CBTECH had it’s Grand Opening in a big way. Approximately 550 people came to ­celebrate the official opening of the Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center. It began with an official ribbon cutting by the Chamber of Commerce, and then … [Read More...]



How’s your short game?

The term short game refers to shots played from roughly 50 yards and closer and includes: Putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play. This article will cover some basic techniques for chipping and pitching. So, what's the difference between a … [Read More...]



I am a quitter

Quitter! That word has such a negative connotation. According to Webster’s dictionary it means “: one that quits; especially: one that gives up too easily: defeatist”. Defeatist? Wow that hurts, makes you sound like a loser. But that’s what we’ve … [Read More...]