“Breast Friends Forever” a Night to Remember

The Samaritan Healthcare Foundation brought an event that women will be sure to remember for a long time.  “Breast Friends Forever” was a huge success, and for those that attended, could have been life changing. The committee behind this  evening invested a lot of time and preparation, and it didn’t go unnoticed. The evening flowed smoothly with booths thoughtfully set up in the common area of the Moses Lake Civic Center. The space was filled with women gathering information and wanting to know more about breast health. 






The booths that were participating were passionate about this cause, and ready with a smile to be informative.There was even some supportive men in attendance, giving their reinforcement for what the foundation was doing. Team Up Real Estate was represented with some men in the mix, among other businesses that were there ready to “think pink” for this incredible program. A hearty thank you to the wine for tasting and to Michael’s on the Lake for their catering of delicious hors d’ oeuvre’s for all guests.






The program’s mission and sole purpose was to contribute to the survival rate of breast cancer by early detection.

That by telling the story of the cancer patient’s journey through early detection, next steps for treatment, and life beyond cancer.”  Samaritan Healthcare Foundation.

It started off with introducing four local experts in the medical field: Krystel Schafer, Mammography Coordinator for Samaritan Healthcare; Dr. Lexie Zuver, (a new )Family Practice Physician with Samaritan Healthcare; Dr. Thomas Tucker, Medical Oncologist with Confluence Health; and Dr. Eric Ebaugh, General Surgeon at Confluence Health.


The evening then turn attention to breast cancer survivors who told their own stories with grace. They spoke of how they were diagnosed, and the challenges that came with it. They shared ongoing challenges, and gave sound advice to the women in the room. Shortly after hearing their stories,questions were opened up from the audience and answered thoroughly by the medical professionals. 








Shortly after there was a raffle for those in attendance.  Prices consisted of custom jewelry from Miller’s Fine Jewelry, headbands, and blankets.

The Samaritan Healthcare Foundation really did an impressive job on this event. What a wonderful thing they offer to the women of this community. We appreciate the difference they are making in the fight against breast cancer.

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