Above and Beyond

“I would like to take a moment to share a story I will never forget. In 2011, a female patient came to our office. In 2009 she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and thought she had won that battle, however, in 2013 the cancer returned. On top of that, in June of 2014, her husband died in a work related accident. They had six children; the oldest the only girl of 17 followed by five beautiful boys with the youngest only 6 years old. She went on Hospice in September, just 4 months after the loss of her husband and father to the children. All extended family for support lived in Colorado.

I received a call from hospice asking about any help we could give to get the patient and children back to Colorado to be reunited with other family members. With the approval and help of executive board members we approved an amount and moved quickly. Hospice explained we had a small window of opportunity before her health declined.

Hospice decided to also help with the cost and with another donation to the cause came in, we were able to fly the patient, her mother who had driven from Colorado in June to try and help, a caregiver and all six children…home to Colorado, in October.

It was a coordinated effort with hospice to go over everything that needed to be done. Make sure someone could run the oxygen machine she needed to use during the flight, make sure she had all right documentation, make sure she knew what to do when she got there.

I am relieved and feel good about helping her and her children to be surrounded by all the love of her family at a time she needed it the very most. The way it should be.”

Written by Angel Kneedler, Executive Director

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