Espresso & Healthy Food by Tacos El Rey

Tacos El Rey Espresso and Healthy food stand is popping in Moses Lake.  The food, the drinks… the food!  The incredible taste of these delicious creations will leave you wishing they were open 24-7.

This family business is respected in our community.  They don’t just work hard, they are really getting after it to make things happen. The stand is located just off Broadway (cross street Melva) near the 1-90 exit, and just past Leprekon Supermarket.  I don’t live that way, but I am finding more reasons to go to that end of town with each craving.  The servings are healthy when it comes to the food, and I love bringing my kids there for after school tacos.  In addition, I love sneaking away in the day by myself for a little “me” time to get my favorite Italian Soda, as everyone else is ordering away at their unique drink selection, and getting their coffee fix!  Now that summer has officially kicked off, we will be spending lunch here often.  The heat of the basin will have all of us in line here looking for refreshment!


Tacos El Rey is also known for the quality coffee they use at their Espresso stand.  The next time you go, ask about one of their new drinks, or see if they will create a custom masterpiece in a cup for you.  Accommodating is their middle name.

One drink that has captured some attention is the 12th man.  This Italian soda is for those that love the Seahawks, and want to drink on behalf of their favorite team!  Order this drink proudly, and quick “Go Hawks” yell to the person taking your order wouldn’t hurt.

Now let’s talk burritos.  They have a surprising menu that offers a lot of options where food is concerned.  If you’re familiar with Tacos El Rey Restaurant, then you probably share my opinion that their food is hands down one of the best Mexican restaurants you can find in the Columbia Basin.  The “Super Burritos” they make for you at their stand in the afternoon have to be my favorite thing to get when I am there.  Filled with everything your heart desires, you are sure to leave satisfied and wanting more.   Their warm delicious tortilla chips come complimentary with this satisfying dish.  Sorry.  Am I making you hungry?  Is it lunch time yet?


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