Every Day is Earth Day

On April 22, people around the globe will observe, individually or collectively, Earth Day.

Since the spring of 1970, Earth Day has been an annual clarion call for responsible stewardship of the environment, influencing public policy and encouraging sustainable lifestyle practices that will ensure the planet remains habitable for humans and non-humans alike in the years and millennia to come.

For forty-five years, Earth Day has banded people of every nationality, race, color and creed together for a common cause that affects us all. Every year, on the same day, Earth Day offers us a reminder to take care of the planet we call home, a home we share.

Despite different views, we seem to have reached nearly unanimous recognition that the concept of sustainability has become, well, mainstream. That’s not just good for the Earth; it’s good for us.

Earth Day gives us a nudge to examine our individual impact on our shared habitat. A day on the calendar to take action, however small, that has a positive impact on our environment. Earth Day offers us a reminder that the human race has housekeeping responsibilities. And while we may make a tradition of “spring cleaning” in our homes, we don’t only vacuum the floor and take out the trash once a year. When it comes to maintaining a healthy home, every day is Earth Day.

Written by Melea Johnson, Publisher

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