by Melea Johnson

I can get ready in 5-minutes. When it comes to a new adventure, taking time to apply makeup is of no concern no matter how many times I’ve been told the importance of a good primer.

With a born sense of wander, the wonder of travel has been a large part of my life in my search of interesting. Somewhere is always calling. My passport is never far from reach. I have no problem being hurled through the atmosphere at 500 miles per hour to get to where I determine to go.
Recent travel ideas for the upcoming (dare I say) sunny season has been crossing my mind in droves, followed by the unstoppable daydreams of places I want to experience, each being as transforming and irresistible as the next. Yes, I want to go everywhere.

I realized the extent of my great wanderlust when a friend and I, lost somewhere in Western Washington, resorted in the use of map quest to locate a particular store. Not knowing the address, I simply entered the name: Far Fetched.

To our surprise, my IPhone application skipped right over the Seattle store and directed us to head east on 19th SW, merge onto Interstate 5 Southbound – 11.4mi, take exit 169 toward NE 45th – 0.6mi, slight right at N Pacific St – 1.6mi, then …kayak across the Pacific Ocean entering Hawaii, and turn right at Turtle Bay. Direction number 10 through 35 took us through Japan, another kayak trip to Northern Australia and ending in Western Australia (on Wannaroo Road), where the Far Fetched store is open late on Thursday evenings for our convenient shopping pleasure.

The trip a mere 13,425 miles, 54 days, 11 hours from our current location.
Sounded amazing! My friend and I discussed it briefly but agreed neither of us had the 54 days, 11 hours off work, at the moment, so moved onto plan B, somewhat closer to home.
For now.

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