Farmer Consumer Awareness Days in Quincy WA


In 1981, a local farmer, Dennis Higashiyama, was working on his tractor and listening to America’s favorite radio host, Paul Harvey, have a conversation about the necessity of farming and farmers. The woman in this conversation expressed her opinion by saying, “I don’t understand why we need farmers, don’t they know we can just go to the grocery store and buy what we need?”

Local farmers were outraged. In our region we live in a world of agriculture and are familiar with the faces of the hardworking families who bring food to our table (and our stores), however, this conversation illustrated clearly how farmers and consumers had drifted apart – leaving many people with little or no understanding about how food actually arrives on their grocery shelves.

Because of this, on the second weekend in September, every year, the Quincy Valley community prepares a unique celebration called Quincy Farmer-Consumer Awareness Days (FCAD), which educates the consumer on the farm to market process.

For farmers, FCAD is an opportunity to show the fruits of their labor and demonstrate the tools and techniques used in their work. For the public, the event has tours of area processing plants and farms, displays of farm equipment, informational and commodity booths, and a farmers market. The event profiles our local farm families, our abundant farmlands and the businesses that are determined to stay on the cutting edge to provide the very best food possible.

So, the next time you say, “Pass the potatoes, please,” remember the dedicated farmers at the heart of our rural communities. We at VENUE Magazine encourage you to bring your whole family to the Quincy Farmer Consumer Awareness Day(s) Celebration and get acquainted with our local people who bring us fresh foods from the earth.

To them, we say thank you!

Our farm to your table…

“Farmer Consumer Awareness Day is a day that brings Quincy Valley residents and visitors together to celebrate the strengths and history of our community. We live among people who value the importance of long years of hard work, who are dedicated to the importance of our Quincy Valley. These people have a passion to follow a true vision and continue to connect the past and future of generations of our valley. This hasn’t been done without sadness, hardships and tears, but also with joy, faithfulness and continued commitment. We will always have a day to bring our community together and celebrate the togetherness of all. If our roots are established and continue to grow deep, we will continue to be a strong community. By having a yearly celebration we will continue to grow these roots deeper and become stronger each day.”

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