LUCKY ME: a romantic comedy by Robert Caisley

Presented by Columbia Basin Allied Arts, Saturday, November 5th, 7pm at the Wallenstien Theater. 


From Rob Caisley, the playwright who brought us Happy, comes a whimsical comedy about love, aging, bad luck, and airport security. Sara’s having a bad week. Really bad! The light bulbs in her apartment keep burning out, there’s a leak in the roof, the aquarium is full of dead fish, the cat’s gone AWOL, and her father — who chased off her last beau — is suspicious of Tom, their new neighbor, a TSA agent who just brought Sara home from the emergency room on New Year’s Eve with a fractured fifth metatarsal. As Tom’s attraction to Sara increases, he learns of the bizarre streak of bad luck that’s been haunting Sara for years – twenty-two years to be precise.

PURCHASE TICKETS @: / or ML Chamber of Commerce.   


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