Mason’s Place

A Place to Enjoy with Friends

Sugar free, caffeine free, white chocolate with cream. She remembers. When I walk into Mason’s Place,I am met with the warmth of a smile and a hot mug of my favorite coffee memorized from the very firsttime I ordered. Heather Mason cares for her customers who quickly become her friends. It’s not hard for her. She genuinely has a love for people and it shows. The name Mason’s Place is a tribute to her family that has been grounded in our community through generations. She exudes a strong sense of the love and importance of family, and rightfully so. Fond stories are shared in conversation as customers recall the Mason family members they are fortunate to know.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.06.31 AMMason’s Place is simply the coffee shop you always want to go to. Once visited, you know you’ll be back. With friends. It is all you wish it to be. There is something about opening the door to a coffee shop and getting that scent and sounds of freshly ground quality coffee that awakens the senses. At Mason’s there is a sense of connectedness and conversation seems comfortable with Heather, Siarra (also a friendly smile), and other customers you may have never met before. It is a welcoming environment with comfortable seating, large windows to look at and view the world go by as you relax and get rejuvenated. Or, have your favorite cup of coffee prepared to sip while you stroll through the numerous stores inside the Smith Martin Building. A delightful and delicious way to shop for the holidays.

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