Mennonite Charity Auction a HUGE success in Ritzville

The Mennonite Country Auction in Ritzville had an impressive turnout.  This year the auction items that went towards this cause drew in a large amount of people ready to hold up their number and bid.  Sitting through the auction myself, the bidding towards this incredible cause was not in short supply.  Everyone seemed ready to support this wonderful cause.  Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers were very professional, and encouraged generosity throughout the auction.  Their presence proved to be professional and friendly.





The other things that should be noted is the delicious food, entertainment for children and adults, and the crafts sale that attracted many people searching for tables. 

2016-10-06_0003 2016-10-06_0004

The food was unique.  They offered specialty items that you can’t get just anywhere. I found so much culture in what they offered.  In addition, there was definitely enough dessert to go around!  Pies, hot chocolate, and specialty dessert bread that seemed to always have a line… most people there waiting patiently for a second or third serving. 

2016-10-06_0008 2016-10-06_0009

Homemade apple juice was also being pressed on site.  It was interesting to watch them in the process making it, and offering nothing but the best of fresh for the attendees craving some homemade apple juice..  The juice went just as quickly as as they could press it. 


For all that attended, thank you for supporting this amazing cause. 

To learn more about the Mennonite Country and Relief Auction that this charity event supports, read our article about it by clicking here.  We already want 2017 to be here to experience this event again for it’s 40th consecutive year.  We will see you next year at the Mennonite Country and Relief Auction in Ritzville!

Written and Photographed by Rosalie Black

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