National Walk to School Day Great for Columbia Basin

This morning I am sure that most children in Columbia Basin and across the nation were excited to go to school for one reason.  It was “National Walk to School Day.”  There were certain locations that you could drop your children off at, so they could walk safely.  There was even help from local officers ushering the children in as they walked to school together with their mentors and teachers. 


I love how there are so many programs and extra activities offered to children through the school year.  It gives them a chance to be excited about going to school.  Today in particular gave them not just initiative to attend, but also an opportunity to get exercise.  This experience shows children that we can have fun with exercise and give students around the nation to have a positive mindset about their education.


It should also be noted the the teachers that participated and took time out to go above and beyond for their students.  In addition to the teachers, law enforcement was there in full support of this nationally recognized day.  I watched as they followed behind and ahead the students, with a strong presence in cars and on foot.  I watched as each child passed one of the officers, who had his hand up for high five’s and an encouraging word for them to start their day. 


I am sure that starting the day off with some exercise and encourage from a mentor like a teacher, and police officer or two gave students an extra boost in school today. 

Keep up the good work Moses Lake!

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