Tis the Season to be Thankful

There are some things about the community of Moses Lake that make our city exceptional.  One of those exceptional things is a certain hair school that has been in our community longer than a lot of us have.  As a pillar of opportunity, this school has been creating careers for students at many successful salons in the area. You may have guessed which school I am referring to… Char-Glo School of Beauty.

Char-Glo gets it’s name by the names of the passionate owners, a husband and wife duo, that started it all. Charlie and Gloria began their successful family owned adventure 38 years ago, with strong support from the community they serve.


This is the time of year where we all reflect on what it is we are thankful for. Instead of us expressing our thankfulness to them, we decided to turn the tables. We were able to sit down with them, and ask just what it is that makes this family tick, and what exactly it is on their list of gratefulness.

“We are thankful that we have been in business 38 years.”

This family, and this extremely well ran business has a great deal invested. If you have not met Charlie and Gloria, you are missing out. Their humble attitude towards their success is astonishing. They run a tight knit ship, surrounded by family, and also those that enjoy their cause. They are passionate about offering careers and opportunity through their educational program.

When I asked Charlie what the largest blessing has been in being in business 38 years, he didn’t miss a beat with his answer.

“It’s very gratifying to see the success of the students that have graduated from here. We are thankful for our students.”


Char-Glo proved to be the kick starter for most of the successful salons that are currently in our area.  The road seems to constantly lead back to them.  Jujube’s, Cappelli’s, 180 Color Bar, Bee’s Barber Shop, Northwest Finest, Empire Cuts are all salons who’s owner’s education was derived from Char-Glo. The list doesn’t seem to end there.  It even extends to other cities, such as Elite Barber Shop in Wenatchee, Studio 7 in Othello, Cue Cuts in Othello, and Head to Toe Salon in Othello. These are just some of the mentions… as other successful students are also running their own salons in Tri Cities, and surrounding areas.

The very first student in their beauty school was also fresh on their minds. Jody Peters in Ephrata was the very first student who attended their program.  Upon conversation with the “salon family” I heard a plethora of names. So many that I couldn’t keep up with all of them.

“We are thankful for our service men and women.”

Charlie served our country in 1956 in the US Navy. His love for his country didn’t stop after his service. Charlie has been honored for his service, and the proud family and students at Char-Glo haven’t forgotten either. They presented Charlie with a certificate of appreciation for his work and service. The award presented was also recognizing Gloria. The contribution of Charlie’s service, as well as he and Gloria’s combined efforts of education of past, present and future students were recognized.


Of course, you will hear them singing the praises of others who serve our country before they will bring up their own achievements. This showing their passion towards others that so selflessly give their life in serving our country for our freedoms.

“We are thankful for the Seahawks!” 

When I first tried to set up an interview with this family, the response I received was… “Well of course we can’t do it then, there is a Seahawks game on.”  They are faithful and avid 12th man fans, and treat Seahawks football seriously…it is not to be missed. Upon asking them what made them so thankful for the Seahawks, the answer was simple. The Seahawks bring their family together. It was also noted that sometimes the conflict of the “game” can be something that they love as well. Not everyone in the family is an avid Seahawks fan, and the competitiveness surprisingly creates a strong, yet fun, bond for them during football season.


“We are thankful for our Annual Hair Show”

The annual Hair Show that Char-Glo presents each year started when Nic Harle did his senior project. Nic is a member of the salon family, turned stylist and educator. The show has always had a theme designed for optimal entertainment, and is free to the public. This show is a great way for students to demonstrate and express what they have learned on a larger platform.


Friday evening, December 2, Char-Glo and CB Tech will present the 9th Annual Hair and Fashion show. The theme is “The Final Masquerade”. They will be showcasing both high school as well as adult student’s talents as stylists. Everyone is welcome. The show will be at the Moses Lake High School Theater and will begin at 6:30pm. 


I couldn’t just write this article, and talk about this incredible family and their business without getting my hair done myself.  Nic, my stylist, gave me a beautiful rich blonde color that was nothing shy of perfection. I would recommend this school to anyone that needed a stylist, and/or a career in beauty. They are success makers.

Thank you Char-Glo for sharing so much of yourself with us!  We know what you are thankful for… but want to close in letting you know that we are thankful for you! img_4987

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